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Frequently Asked Questions + Teacher Information Pack

1. How Do I Create A Lesson?

Lessons are created using our unique lesson creation tool. Click the following link //

2. How Long is each lesson?

Each lesson is for 1 hour.

3. What Subjects can I teach?

It is possible to teach any subject you wish. AjarnOnline encourages teachers to list a wide range of lesson topics.

4. Does my lesson have to be in English?

No, our students are all over Asia and some students require lessons in their native language.

5. What currency do I charge my lessons in?

All lesson prices are automatically shown in Thai baht.

6. How much should I charge for a lesson?

A recommended lesson guide price range should be between 800 baht – 1,000 baht. Find a balance which covers your costs and is affordable for students. Lessons are shown in Points; 1 Point = 1 Baht

7. How much commission does AjarnOnline receive?

AjarnOnline receives 35% from each hour taught. Teachers who join the English For Schools volunteer program are charged a lower rate.

8. Does it matter which country I am from?

No, we welcome teachers from all countries from around the world.

9. How Many Lessons Can I upload to my profile?

There is no limit to how many lessons a teacher uploads. We recommend each teacher loads a new lesson each week to push your lessons higher up the searches.

10. How Do I get paid for Lessons Taught?

All teacher payments are made monthly, direct to their paypal account.

11. What languages Do Our Support Team Speak?

We speak English, Thai, Chinese and Japanese.

12. How Do I get students to book my lessons?

We work hard to promote your profile and lessons but we ask all teachers to use social media, especially Facebook to share their lessons for extra exposure.

13. How Do I become a corporate teacher?

We have an English For Businesses department. Click the following link //

14. Can I do A Group Lesson With students?

Yes, if you have a request from a student to teach a group lesson please contact our Support Team for more information about group lessons.

15. Which video chat tool is best to use?

Skype works very well but Chinese students might use Wechat or QQ. Follow the link for these video chat downloads //

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