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Welcome to our online community of professional and dedicated teachers who are all here to make a difference. You now have the opportunity to carve a career as an online teacher to students in Asia and if you wish, to offer a small percent of your time to participate in our online volunteer program to help poor children in Thailand. – AjarnOnline prides itself on giving everyone the opportunity to a good education.

Why Teach on AjarnOnline? AjarnOnline is the first online learning website to target Thailand and the time couldn’t be better. Thailand is joining the ESEAN Community and the need to learn English and improve overall education has never been greater than now. AjarnOnline places no restrictions on subjects taught. We accept all teachers from all educational backgrounds English, Maths, Science, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Geography, Music, History and more Full Time or Part time job You will self manage your time and your lesson prices. AjarnOnline promotes self-growth and development allowing you to build your student numbers as you wish. Guaranteed Money AjarnOnline pays the teacher for every hour they teach. No teacher will go unpaid. Turn Yourself Into a Brand build an online teaching reputation will give you great creditability. As your online reputation grows finding new students will become easier and easier. Work From Home all you need is a computer, headset, webcam and internet connection. No rush hour commuting and expensive travel costs to get to work. Work Hours Which Suit You set the hours you are available and students have to abide by these. They can only book hours you show being available for teaching. Easy Student Management System AjarnOnline student management system will record all student information and details Easy Course Creation AjarnOnline gives teachers the freedom to create their own lessons and post them on the website.

Give Back To Those Who Need Most sign up for our online volunteer program. This program is to reach out to the poor children living in rural Thailand who have no access to learning English. We hope our teachers will volunteer a small percent of their time to teach children online via skype. AjarnOnline Automatic Donations Our pledge is for every hour studied AjarnOnline will donate 10 Baht to a school.

  1. a) How to get started and create lessons

As a new teacher to AjarnOnline you will first need to build your teacher profile page. Make sure your profile page sets you apart from the rest of the teachers as students will view your teacher profile page and decide if they wish to have you as their teacher. Here are some tips on how to build an attractive teacher profile page.

  • A good quality portrait photo (must be recent and true representation)
  • List all your qualifications
  • Highlight your teaching experience
  • Write a short passage about yourself
  • Students love a video bio – this is a great way to show your personality and your passion for teaching.
  • Tell students about your teaching ability and the courses you can teach
  • Once you have feedback from students add this your teacher profile page

Creating lessons is very simple using the create lesson feature. All lessons are fixed at 1 hour long, this will help keep focus on the lesson objective.

  1. b) How to attract students

As you are new to the community and have no feedback and no star ratings students will be reluctant to pay high rates. A successful strategy used by many new teachers is to set a low rate at the beginning to attract students and once you have some online feedback and a star rating you can then raise your prices. Taking part in our online volunteer program is a great way to boast your profile. Build up a creditable amount of volunteer hours and will go a long way in the eyes of a potential paying student. We also allow you to promote your teacher profile page outside of AjarnOnline.

  • Classifieds – craiglist sharing your AjarnOnline teacher profile page url will add credibly
  • Social Media – facebook (ask your students to share your link), Linkedin, twitter, youtube
  • Personal Blog – write about your experience of online teaching and share your link

And most importantly login often, daily if possible and update your teacher profile page. Students like to see active teachers. The more time you are logged into AjarnOnline the quicker you can respond to a student’s enquiry and secure the student. Don’t let other teachers beat you to it. Don’t worry; it won’t take too long to build up feedback and a star rating.

  1. c) How to secure a student

As mentioned above, login as often as you can to AjarnOnline. If you are logged in you can reply to students instantly and secure their business. Successful teachers are quick to reply to students. But remember not every student will be suitable. If you agree to teach a student but can’t deliver on the student’s requirements and expectations this will harm your feedback and star rating. If it’s not a good match be honest and tell the student.

2) Teaching standards students are paying for your services therefore provide a professional service. We expect all our teachers use their initiative when communicating with students and managing students. This includes:

  • Don’t delay when responding to student questions and session requests.
  • Be organized, only agree to student bookings if you have the time. If you need to rearrange a lesson time with a student inform the student as early as possible and make a new time which is agreeable to both parties.
  • Be punctual, lessons should start on time and finish on time. Out of courtesy remind student’s 5-10 minutes before the lesson will be ending soon.
  • Be prepared and send lesson materials to the student in advance.
  • Recording of the lessons is only allowed if the student and teacher have written consent in a message.
  • Dress appropriate and look smart. Be aware of what is behind you. Don’t smoke and drink alcohol.
  • Be aware of teacher talk time. Give your student as much speaking time as possible. Don’t use this an opportunity to learn their language.

Maintaining these standards plus adding your own teaching and professional standards will help build your reputation online.

3) Cultural Understanding and Respect most likely your student will be from a different country and be a different religion. AjarnOnline expects all teachers to show cultural sensitivity and respect the values and traditions of your student. AjarnOnline advises against discussing topics that may upset or anger a student. Unless the student has specifically requested reframe from asking about:

  • Politics
  • Royal Family
  • Religion

Only once you have built up a strong rapport with the student should the above be discussed and even then you should ask yourself is it necessary.We ask all our teachers to show their caring and compassionate side to students. Be patient with polite and help them through their learning difficulties. Don’t laugh at mistakes or show frustration with your facial expression. Shouting and swearing at students is against AjarnOnline rules. Remember you are there to help and you can do this by encouraging a student not discouraging a student.If you have any problems with a student you are welcome to contact our support team

4) Guidelines for Providing your Services once you have received a lesson request use AjarnOnline to record of all written communication between you and the student. This should include:

  • Availability
  • Schedule / Schedule changes
  • Revisions
  • Completion of sessions
  • Feedback
  • Transcribe relevant outside emails, instant messages, skype, VOIP conversations between you and the student on AjarnOnline to maintain a record of what is agreed. In the event of a dispute, all written communication on AjarnOnline will serve as the statement of record.
  • If you are unable to complete a lesson, email
  • Respond promptly, within 1 business day, to all session-related communication, whether from the student or from AjarnOnline.
  • Utilize AjarnOnline payment service to maintain the privacy of your personal financial account details; leverage AjarnOnline anti-fraud measures; maintain a record of all invoices and payments; add the project, feedback and transaction amount to your profile; and, in the event of a problem, have access to AjarnOnline’s Dispute Resolution process.
  • Report any rating system violation by contacting
  • After the session is completed, be fair and leave objective, balanced feedback.
  • Violation of these guidelines may result in suspension or termination of your Account. If you are aware of a potential violation, please contact

5) Lesson Cancellation once a lesson has been booked by the student, the student can only cancel the lesson without penalty outside of 24hrs before the lesson starts. Once the student enters the period of 24hrs or less until the lesson starts the student can not cancel the lesson. The student has to either take the lesson or no show.

6) Commissions are calculated and paid in the middle and the end of each month to teachers paypal account. From the lesson fee teachers commission 65% and AjarnOnline commission 35%.

For example: 1 hour lesson 800 Points (1 Point = 1 Baht)

Teacher Commission = 520 Baht

AjarnOnline Commission = 280 Baht

7) Lesson Prices are shown in points, 1 Point = 1 Baht. Teachers will decide how many points each lesson will be. Please remember the majority of your students are in Thailand and lesson prices will need to be affordable. As a guide, AjarnOnline recommends lessons to be between 700 – 1,000 Points.

AjarnOnline encourages teachers and students to communicate together to reach an agreement and settle issues. However, if an agreement can’t be reached either the teacher or student should contact to mediate. To support their position the teacher and student has to provide proof to AjarnOnline who will use the guidelines in the Term of Services to find an end to the dispute. Once a decision has been made there can be no appeal by the teacher or student.

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