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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I buy Points?

Points are purchased online or by bank transfer. Click the following link

2. How Do I Select A Teacher?

All teachers can be found in All Teachers page. Click the following link //

3. How Do I Book A Lesson?

All lessons can be found in All Lessons page. Click the following link //

4. How Do I Select A Lesson Time And Date?

All lessons times and dates are booked using our online lesson booking calendar. The calendar automatically books to your timezone.

5. What Do I Do If I Can’t Find A Suitable Lesson?

If you can’t find a lesson you wish to study contact our Support Team and we will find a teacher who can teach your specific area of study.

6. Can I Cancel A Booked Lesson?

Yes, all Lessons can be canceled outside of the 24hr cancelation period. Your points will be credited to your account and you can book another lesson.

7. What Happens If My Teacher Isn’t Online For The Lesson?

If your teacher isn’t online for the lesson immediately contact our Support Team and take a screen shot of your Skype showing the teacher isn’t online.

8. Where Are AjarnOnline Teachers From?

Our teachers are located from all around the world. We focus on native English speaking teachers to maximise your learning experience.

9. What Lessons Can I Study On AjarnOnline?

We promotes all topics of study from English, Maths, Science, Music, Interview Techniques and Business Studies.

10. How Long Is Each Lesson?

Each Lesson is 1 hour long.

11. What languages Do Our Support Team Speak?

We speak English, Thai, Chinese and Japanese.

12. Are All Lessons in English Language?

Not always, if a Thai student wants to study Maths in Thai language we will find a Thai maths Teacher for you.

13. How Much Does 1 Lesson Cost?

The cost of the lesson is set by each teacher. We expect an average Lesson to cost around 800 baht per hour.

14. Can I do A Group Lesson With my Friends?

Yes, a group lesson is possible for English Lessons. Contact our Support Team for more information about group lessons.

15. My company wants their staff to have English Lessons. Can We Use AjarnOnline?

Yes, we have an English For Businesses department. Click the following link //

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