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Study Abroad: Preparation for Overseas Studies

This course focuses on listening, lecture note taking, academic research techniques,...


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    Lesson Curriculum

    How To Complete Application Forms
    Application forms are not always easy to complete and some application questions need a lot of thought before answering. You will learn the appropriate vocabulary and use this vocabulary to form correct sentences so you can successfully complete a wide range of questions used on application forms. We will also look at official forms such as UCAS which is standard form used when applying for universities in England. Completing this course will make you feel confident when applying for your chosen college or university.
    How To Write Application Letters
    It is important not to underestimate the importance of a cover letter. An impressive cover letter can certainly be the difference between gaining entry to your chosen university or having to accept a place at your 2nd or 3rd choice university. We will ensure your application letter highlights your skills sets and previous achievements and accomplishments.
    Vocabulary and Phrases Used In Conversation
    In this section of the course you will learn lots of English phrases you can use to respond to standard greetings. We will cover conversations for one to one, group discussions, and work-related situations. You will also learn phrases help start a discussion, phrases to continue a discussion, phrases to disagree in a polite way, phrases to agree and phrases to includes others into the discussion.
    Listening Exercises Using Different Accents
    There are lots of different English accents around the world and also different dialects. To help you build a complete understanding of the English language we will complete a wide range of listening exercises. This is also very helpful for students are studying for their IELTS exam.
    University Lecture Preparation
    Lecturers will often provide students with reading lists that contain specific materials to prepare. This ensures that students understand the topic’s basic concepts before attending. During lectures the lecturer will expect students to write notes but this can be difficult as it requires students to listen, understand and write notes all at the same time. We will practice writing notes whilst listening to new material and complete listening exercises listening for emphasis on words and phrases. Emphasising words and phrases usually means they are important.
    University Research Techniques
    This unit is for all students who want a better understanding of research methods, skills and data presentation. Being able to research and understand data in various forms is very important, as university assignments require students to list their sources. We will cover Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Analysis, Logic and Reason and Data Collection.
    University Essay Preparation
    Before starting to write an essay there are several key steps you have to follow. The first step is to gather resources. We will look at the different types of resources available and how to keep only the important information. Next we will prepare an essay plan. To do this we will list a chronological breakdown of the key points. This means that, when writing your essay, you can progress through these points. Once the essay is completed we will evaluate and edit where necessary.
    Produce A Presentation
    During your collage and university studies you will be asked to produce serveral presentations. Some people find it very stressful and become nervous when they stand up and talk to many people but with my help you will be able to prepare and present presentations with confidence. The skills you learn will be a valuable life tool. Many companies ask their employees to make presentations to the colleagues or businesses they wish to work with.

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