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Study Abroad: IELTS Reading Part 2:2

Study Abroad: IELTS Reading Part...


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    Lesson Curriculum

    Lesson 1: Multiple Choice / Skimming And Scanning
    Further practice on multiple choice questions and how skimming, scanning, and reading for detail can help you answer the questions.
    Lesson 2: Multiple Choice And Scanning
    In this IELTS Practice lesson you learn how to scan in order to answer multiple choice type questions.
    Lesson 3: True, False And Not Given
    In this IELTS lesson you learn how to answer True, False, and Not Given Questions.
    Lesson 4: Reading Strategies
    The aim of this lesson is to develop your IELTS reading strategies in order to find the answers to questions such as ‘short answer’ as quickly as possible.
    Lesson 5: Short Answer Questions
    Get advice and tips on IELTS short answer questions and further practice on True, False, Not Given questions.
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