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Study Abroad: IELTS Preparation

Study Abroad: IELTS Preparation
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    Lesson Curriculum

    What Is IELTS?
    The letters stand for the International English Language Testing System. It is a test designed to measure your ability in the four skills of writing, speaking, reading and listening. After the test you will be given a score from 1-9. You use this score for admission to a university or to work abroad (institutions and employers decide what score they require). It is accepted by many institutions and employers in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and North America.
    ACADEMIC IELTS - Taking The Test To Study Abroad
    There are four sections in the IELTS test.
    Writing: If you are intending to study abroad, you will take the academic writing module. This test takes 60 minutes and there are two parts. You will have to write an essay and analyse a graph or diagram.
    Reading: The reading test takes 60 minutes and is divided into three sections. Each section will have an academic reading of about 600 words and you will have to answers 40 questions in total.
    Speaking: In this part of the test, you will have a 11-14 minute interview with an examiner. The examiner will ask you questions and evaluate your responses. The questions are easier at the beginning but get harder at the end.
    Listening: The listening test takes 40 minutes and is divided into four sections, each one slightly harder than the first. There are 40 questions. You’ll have to listen to each section and answer the questions as you listen.
    Foundation IELTS - Taking The Test To Work Abroad
    The general training module is intended to test English ability in a more practical, everyday context. The test format is the same as above for the listening and speaking. However the writing and reading modules are different. People often take the general training module if they are intending to work or live abroad.
    Writing: If you are taking the test to work abroad, then you will take the ‘general training’ module. You will also have to write an essay, but you will have to write a letter instead of analysing a graph.
    Reading: The reading test is different to the one for the academic module. The test is still 60 minutes and there are 40 questions to answer. However, the readings are different as they are based on real life situations rather than being academic.
    Speaking: Same as for the Academic Module.
    Listening: Same as for the Academic Module.
    Classic IELTS Problems Solved!
    Are there things that you are worried about in IELTS or you don’t understand? I am here to help you with all the kinds of issues you may have with the test. Here are some common ones.
    How Should I Prepare For The IELTS Test?
    With all the four modules and if you are new to IELTS it can be confusing knowing where to start with your studying. It’s best to get to know what is in the test first so take a listening test and a reading test then take a look at sample essay questions and sample speaking tests Don’t worry if you don’t do well the first time you take the tests. At least you now know what is in them. But great news! Then just follow my IELTS Lessons. There’s loads of information in all the lessons to lead you to the band score you need.
    Why Can't I Get An IELTS Writing Band 7?
    How many times have your heard that?? Well, first you need to understand exactly what examiners are looking for when they mark your script. That’s covered in one of our writing lessons. That won’t mean an automatic band 7 but you need to make sure you know what to aim for when you study and give the examiner what they want! And by browsing our forums you can find out what others have done to get an IELTS band 7 and the problems they have faced.
    Where Should I Take The IELTS Test?
    Another classic question! Should you go to IDP or British Council as they are the main test centres? Actually it makes no difference as it’s the same test and same marking system at both. But if you want you can check out other people’s experiences of both test centres in the IELTS Forum.
    How Do I Write An IELTS Essay Or Graph?
    Ah, the million dollar question! But don’t worry, the answer is just a click away… Here you can find out how to write an IELTS essay and view lots of model essays as well. And here you can find out how to write a graph and lots of samples of the different types of Task 1 you could get.
    IELTS Quiz
    Do you really know as much about the IELTS test as you think? Or do you want to learn a bit more about it in a fun way? I have created an IELTS Quiz for you to test you on how much you know about the exam. You get a score at the end for how well you did. It’s just a bit of fun though so take the test and enjoy! You can also share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter to see if they can do as well as you. Good luck!

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