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Study Abroad: IELTS Listening

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    Lesson Curriculum

    IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Tips
    In this lesson, learn some tips on how to improve your listening skills for multiple choice type questions.
    IELTS Listening Distractors
    In this lesson we learn more about a common way that you are tricked into writing the wrong answer. Learn about this so you can avoid the mistake.
    IELTS Listening Map Labelling
    Here you can learn more about how to label a map, a task that sometimes comes up in Section Two of the test. Learn about the language of location and other top tips to score well.
    IELTS Signposting Language For Section 4
    Section 4 is the most difficult part of the listening test. Learn useful signposting language to improve your score for this section.
    IELTS Pre-Listening Activities - Predicting The Answer
    Predicting what you are going to hear is a really important skill that can help improve your listening and increase your score.

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