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English For Schools Concept

During 2014 AjarnOnline was conceptualized as a for-profit business. Discussions were held how we can seek private investors and how much equity or dividends can be shared out as ultimately a return on investment will be expected. Due to our natural reluctance to give away equity we funded the startup ourselves. Bootstrapping the business had it’s pluses and minuses such as we were unable to take AjarnOnline to market as quickly as we wished. But with every cloud has a silver lining and this is where English For Schools was created and the business forked into a for-profit and nonprofit business.

English For Schools   

AjarnOnline English For Schools objective is to provide computers and online English teaching via skype to underfunded and ill equipped schools in Thailand. Initially we will start with one school, one classroom for proof of concept and then once we have enough donations we will reach out to as many schools as we can.

Social Return

For us to achieve this we will need a lot of kind hearted individuals and business to donate money so we can buy computers and pay for internet connections. We will blog and vlog our progress so you can see where you money has goes and children who are benefiting. 

Volunteer Teachers 

We will run a teacher volunteer program and we are now asking for English teachers from all around the world to help be part of our mission. In return we will offer these teachers incentives to work on AjarnOnline and hopefully be able to fly some of the teachers to Thailand to meet the students.




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